Warm Up Your Tone!
Cocked Wah Mod

Change your tone capacitor that is sucking the tone from your guitar! 

Switch your tone capacitor until you find the one that sounds best with your guitar. Whether it be single coil or humbucker or both. There is a tone capacitor made that will satisfy your quest for the tone in your head. This Cocked Wah Mod may be just what you are searching for.  

The "Cocked Wah" mod uses a value of .0033uf (3300pf) and is a great place to start. I have Ceramic Disk, Multi-Layer Ceramic, Polyester, Polypropylene, and others in stock. For the .0047uf "Eldred Mod" Cocked Wah capacitors Click Here.

The values on these are known as  for example: 332, 3300pf, 3.3nf and .0033uf.  They are all the same capacitor! They may just labeled differently.  We use the uf value to keep things simple, in this case .0033uf. There is a 5% tolerance, however your caps will be tested and labeled with the actual value. FYI the Orange Drop 225 is Polyester, the Orange Drop 715 is Polypropylene. I DO NOT SELL ORANGE DROP CAPS. I do sell Polyester and Polypropylene capacitors.

When you order this value capacitor you will receive 2 each of:

  • Ceramic .0033uf
  • Multi-Layer (Monolithic) Ceramic .0033uf
  • Polypropylene .0033uf
  • Polyester .0033uf
All for only $10 with FREE shipping in the USA. Some players swear they can hear a difference between the different types of caps. Only you can decide if you hear a difference in the various types. This is a cheap way to find out.

You will be blown away by the difference these Cocked Wah .0033uf capacitors make in your guitar tone!

I recommend an experienced tech install these.  But it is relatively easy to do yourself, if you are experienced with a soldering iron. Be sure to take pictures before you start! So you know where to place the leads on the capacitor. This is a simple swap, nothing complicated. 

Order Now, while you are online. The Cocked Wah could be the least expensive tone mod that you ever make, and you will LOVE IT! FREE shipping in the USA!!

To order: For outdated browsers the link to PayPal may not work. Instead please send email to burt120@gmail.com and include your email address that you use for PayPal. I will reply with a link for payment through PayPal. Or send $10 to burt120@gmail.com through PayPal. You will not regret trying the Cocked Wah Mod!


Have Fun Jamming With The Cocked Wah Mod!


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